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Embedding a PDF or other Documents into a Blogger ...

1) We want to upload our file to Google Docs. So go to

Note: Depending on if you use Google Drive the screenshots may say either Google Drive or Google Docs. They are in essence the same thing.

2) Click the Upload Icon and select files.

3) Pick the PDF or other file you want to embed and click Open

4) You'll be presented with a confirmation box. Press the Start Upload button.

5) You'll be presented with an Upload Progress box

6) When that has finished click the filename.

7) This will load the File into your Google Doc/Drive screen. Now we need to "Share" the file so that it will be visible to your readers on your blog. Click the Blue Share button at the Top Right.

8) You will then be presented with the Share Dialogue screen. Click the Change link.

9) Select "Public on the web" and press Save followed by Done.

10) Now we want to grab the Embed Code that we will use to post onto our Blog. Click the File menu then Embed option.

11) You will then be presented with the Embed code. Copy the code by selecting it all and pressing CTRL-C

12) Now goto your Blog and create a New Post and make sure you are on the HTML Tab. In the Blog Post section Paste in your embed code. It should look like this.

NOTE: You can alter the width="640" height="480" parts of the embed code to fit the size of your blog.

13) Click the Preview Button and you should see your PDF embedded in your Blog Post. If everything is ok you can go ahead and publish your post.

And that's it.

So in summary...

1) Upload the file
2) Share the File and get the Embed code
3) Post the embed code to your blog.

Alternative Methods
GoogleDocs is probably the easiest method although there are certainly others.

Goto a free site like or and then upload your PDF/DOC. It will then give you the Embed HTML Code to add to your blog post.

Hope you found this useful and if you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate in asking in the comments below.
Pradeep Singh

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